I warmly greet everyone who took time out of their busy running life to read my thoughts and opinion meanwhile sharing theirs too.

I started this blog in a hope to form a common platform for exchanging our views and opinions on different things. Daily we stumbled upon hundreds of data but we don’t know what to believe. Example : INTERMITTENT FASTING – Some support it other disregard it. But what we all ignore it that we all are different what works for one doesn’t mean work for the other.

So what we do know?

Richard Feynman(Physicist) once said – What I don’t produce, I don’t understand.In answering our earlier question, why can’t we took Mr.Feynman advice and apply it on ourselves first and record the result and share them with others.

We can only understand our life while exploring and experimenting. A stagnant life is dead in itself.

Here, I will weekly post something new I read or tried or explored and I invite you to share your experiments and results which you gained by it. Let’s walk through this together.


Thank You

Nimisha Ujjain